The STEAM Project run by CLEAN-AFRICA e.V. in conjunction with Schools and Universities was set up to inspire Children and Youths in Schools especially in Africa to get interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects using the Arts. The focus is a bottom-up principle of starting with the young ones, even at the Kindergarten age through to the top. With Sustainability (Agenda 2030) at the core or basis of everything, the arts use creativity to influence the science subjects to a greater achievement.

By collaborating with schools, sustainability of the STEAM can be guaranteed, as STEAM Clubs run across a variety of existing and new activities in which every child can join and develop interest to action. Experiences show, that STEAM is sustainable, international, promotes desire for school extra-curricular, intergenerational, values and develops all talents and above all contagious! STEAM encourages a change of perspective by stressing upon society values, cultural heritages, languages, foods, traditional dressing and ways of life, which in turn promotes local economic growth and self-esteem of the young ones to soar onto greater heights. STEAM reduces shrinking spaces for creative dialogs for Kids in and out of classrooms, increases vertical and horizontal social-cohesion and spans positive attitudes in research and skills-oriented education.

The project core is supported by CLEAN-AFRICA and expanded in the different entities according to their capacities, provisions and prevailing environment.

Our basis is to encourage sustainable development in Africa, are guided by the United Nations sustainable development goals and the Agenda 2063 The Africa we want. Through STEAM CLEAN-AFRICA e.V. intends to scale impactful research deep, out and up.

STEAM CLEAN AFRICA encourages sustainable development in Africa


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