Parliament without Barriers

Parliament without Barriers: Kick-off for Barrier-free Concepts in Ghana (PAMBA, Ghana), is an integrated project with a vision to address and discuss the basic principles of and the need for universally usable, barrier-free environments beginning at the Parliament House of Ghana. 

According to a report by the United Nations (2003), we all are physically disabled at some point in our lives. Children, persons with broken legs, parents with prams, elderly persons amongst many others, are all disabled in one way or another. People who remain healthy and ablebodied all their lives are few. Therefore as far as the built environment is concerned, it is important that it should be barrier-free and also adapted to fulfil the needs of all people equally.

CLEAN-AFRICA e.V. in conjunction with African Good Governance Network-West Africa, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-Ghana, Central University-Ghana and Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Fras-UAS),  Frankfurt-Germany undertaking the PAMBA Ghana project invited applications from students in built Environment Programs, engineering and creative Arts to participate in a workshop for the above mentioned project.

PAMBA Ghana aims to: 

  • Provide general guidance on creating barrier-free built environments for everyone including persons with disabilities. 
  • Provide additional guidance materials for Architects, Planners, Building Officials, Barrier Free Assessors, and others with an interest in creating universal usable, barrier-free built environments.
  • Provide the basic building codes which include aspects for persons with disabilities who may access them nationwide.
  • Serve as a tool for measurement and auditing of accessibility of public spaces and facilities in Ghana.


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