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Changing Lives through changed Perspectives has been the Goal of CLEAN-AFRICA over the last decade. 


A project which seeks to actively engage the universities; directly through r

Brain Gain Conference

This conference aims to showcase examples of experts from the “South” who have acquired knowledge and skills in….


A platform to expatiate and build capacities of potential development aid workers and financiers. 

About Us

CLEAN-AFRICA is an international non-Profit Organization with a goal of promoting sustainable development in the “South” especially in Africa while sharing the experiences and principles to support bring about Paradigm shift in the “North”.
Founded in 2004 by students, CLEAN-AFRICA has established itself as a Competence Centre for South-North Students Dialogue, with the central discourse being the global challenges in the South, its Repercussions in the North and vice-versa.

Our Projects

All Projects presented including…

GGDS:Good Governance Debate Series

Good Governance is the bedrock of sustainable development of a society based on sound domestic policies. Students from all backgrounds come together bi- annually to review Good Governance as the underlying indicator of adherence to democracy and rule of law.

BG: BRAIN-GAIN Conference

This conference aims to showcase examples of experts from the “South” who have acquired knowledge and skills in Germany and are drawing on them in developing their home countries. BG provides insights into the causes of brain-drain and examines the consequences for the countries affected while addressing the connections between Brain-Drain and Gain 

IMEAP (Integrated Mobile Environmental Awareness Program)

Uganda was initiated and implemented on the background that environmental problems are continuing to be a global concern and Uganda is no exception. The present level of Uganda’s forestland is just about 20% of its original value in 1890 as a result of deforestation. The problems of personal hygiene and waste disposal and management have also been the root cause


As part of CLEAN-AFRICA’s activities to extend help, support and encourage Sustainable community development to the deprived and marginalized parts of Africa, it introduced the Makulubita Community Based Poverty Alleviation Project (MACOBAP) Strategic plan in late 2008 in Uganda. MACOBAP aimed at contributing to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Uganda National Development Plan (UNDP).



CoSDeP: Conflict Sensitive Development and Planning

A platform to expatiate and build capacities of potential development aid workers and



SDG4UNiS 2018 – 2021

The SDG4UNiS (Sustainable Development Goals for University Students) under the theme: Making SDGs a reality; is a project which seeks to actively engage the universities; directly through research and teaching of SDGs and indirectly through 


ATaFoS: Agro-Tourism as a source of Food Security (ATaFoSS)

ATaFoSS Project seeks to make agriculture a source of tourism. Agro-Tourism creates an opportunity for farmers to increase their 

LANCOR+(Landscapes Initiatives for Neighbourhood and Community Revival Plus

Is an integrated project with a vision to revive communities in sub-Saharan Africa, through creative initiatives, interaction, and utilization 

PAMBA: Parliament without Barriers:

Parliament without Barriers: Kick-off for Barrier-free Concepts in Ghana (PAMBA, Ghana),is an integrated project with a vision to address and discuss the basic principles of and the need for universally usable, barrier-free environments 


Mobitecture simply is movable architecture. This design deals with the reduction, compression and simplification of objects of its interest to create lightweight, movable, adaptable structures which are responsive to local 



South-North Dialogue

CLEAN-AFRICA, with its headquarters in Stuttgart, cooperates with other recognized institutions (especially universities) and institutions to pursue charitable and not-for-profit activities in the field of community development and education for sustainable development.

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