As an Organisation with focus on harnessing the potential of the youth for that matter the students who are interested in sustainable…

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The SDG4UNiS (Sustainable Development Goals for University Students) under the theme: Making SDGs a reality;


As part of CLEAN-AFRICA’s activities to extend help, support and encourage Sustainable community development to the…


IMEAP Uganda was initiated and implemented on the background that environmental problems are continuing to be a global concern and…

CLEAN-AFRICA is an international non-Profit Organization with a goal of promoting sustainable development in the “South” while sharing the experiences and principles to support bring about Paradigm shift in the “North”.

Founded in 2004 by students, CLEAN-AFRICA has established itself as a Competence Centre for South-North Students Dialogue, with the central discourse being the global challenges in the South, its Repercussions in the North and vice-versa.

Our Focus:

  • Education, Sensitisation and Awareness

– By developing new policy models with special emphasis on Students.

  • Sustainable Community development

– By promoting and supporting projects that facilitate an ecological lifestyle.

With its chair in Stuttgart, CLEAN-AFRICA works together with other recognized Institutions and Facilities, to pursue charitable purposes in the area of Education for Sustainable Development.

SDG Summer School 2019

19th – 23rd August 2019

SDG Winter School 2019



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