Movable Architecture

Mobitecture simply is movable architecture. This design deals with the reduction, compression and simplification of objects of its interest to create lightweight, movable, adaptable structures which are responsive to local conditions. From Mobitecture comes Afro Mobitecture which translate as mobile outfits influenced by African values. The term can be understood by its composition: African, Mobile and Architecture. The two latter words, mobile and architecture, form Mobitecture. Expansively, it is a ‘new’ concept of architecture that is inspired by African nomadic cultural values integrated into movable light-weight structures that are adaptable to climates within the African sub-region. Mobile architecture adopts lightweight materials to create spaces that are demountable, movable and adaptable in different contexts. It strives to compact services into movable outfits without establishing traditional blockwork, brick and mortar structures. 

The project is intended to tackle the rural development issues in developing countries by improving the accessibility of services to rural communities using architectural and engineering solutions. CLEAN-AFRICA is implementing this project in collaboration with the Department of Architecture, KNUST in collaboration with Architects Registration Council, SPAYSIS Architecture, Engineering and Planning Limited, Ghana. Moreover, it targets to contribute to fulfilling eight (8) of the SDG objectives in rural communities. The goals to be fulfilled include

  • Goal 1 – No Poverty
  • Goal 2 – No hunger
  • Goal 3 – Good health and wellbeing
  • Goal 4 – Quality Education
  • Goal 5 – Decent work and Economic growth
  • Goal 6 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 7 – Sustainable cities and Communities. 

Currently, the project has evolved conceptual prospective designs which have been exhibited in Ghana, China and France. The initial designs produced were under the following areas: Housing, Education, Hospitality, Health and Religious. These were identified as areas with extreme challenges in the rural areas. For follow up schemes in the future, this project hopes to engage organizations who will use these designs in fulfilling their social responsibility. 

The government can also adopt some of these solutions so as to reduce inaccessibility of basic services to rural communities. The designs are useful to Architects, mechanical engineers, corporate institutions and Organizations, Governmental agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations interested in social outreaches to rural communities. 


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