Sustainable development goals for university students

About the Project

The SDG4UNiS (Sustainable Development Goals for University Students) under the theme: Making SDGs a reality; is a project which seeks to actively engage the universities; directly through research and teaching of SDGs and indirectly through dialogue between the North and South to harmonize the different perspectives towards the realization of the SDGs. As one of the stakeholders, universities occupy a unique position in society and therefore have a critical role to play towards the achievement of the SDGs. Thus great benefits are realized from engaging with them. Universities can also offer a unique platform for dialogue in order to address the social dilemma between the global north and south.

SDG4UNiS is set to run from 2018 – 2021 and focuses on all the 17 Sustainable development goals. This will be achieved through the implementation of two

semi-annual projects: The SDG4UNiS Winter School and SDG4UNiS Summer School. Relevant themes are developed each year under each of the Semi-annual projects. 

The Target Groups are; the academic community; mainly students in universities in Germany, other EU countries and the Global South. The project will also target the teachers, professors, and researchers.