Landscapes Initiatives for Neighbourhood and Community Revival Plus

About the Project

LaNCoR+ (Landscapes Initiatives for Neighbourhood and Community Revival Plus)is an integrated project with a vision to revive communities in sub-Saharan Africa, through creative initiatives, interaction, and utilization of their landscapes. This project is an initiative of CLEAN-AFRICA partnered by SPAYSIS Architecture, Planning and Engineering limited, Rethink and Kumasi Archdioceses.

LaNCoR+ project used Appiadu, a peri-urban community near Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi-Ghana as a focus community to initiate the revival of open spaces for community cohesion and development. The LaNCoR+ strategy included an international students’ workshop on playgrounds and open spaces aimed at providing multipurpose rendezvous spaces for the community.

LaNCoR+ is serving to foster self- help attitude and initiative within the community and also provide opportunities for training and employment for the youth of Appiadu, Kumasi, and Ghana. 

The project is anticipated to serve as a pilot case where the results could be replicated in other communities in Ghana and adapted later for other sub-Saharan African countries.