Integrated Mobile Environmental Awareness Program

About the Project

IMEAP Uganda was initiated and implemented on the background that environmental problems are continuing to be a global concern and Uganda is no exception. The present level of Uganda’s forestland is just about 20% of its original value in 1890 as a result of deforestation. The problems of personal hygiene and waste disposal and management have also been the root cause of the contamination of the water bodies which have negative health implications on the youths and children. The main cause of most of these problems is accounted to ignorance and lack of knowledge and know-how seconded by negative attitudes in society towards environmental issues. As such, IMEAP-Uganda is an on-going project aiming at the formation of Environmental Clubs known as CLEAN-Clubs to educate, inform and conscientise students, the youth who are the future leaders and are still in the formative ages on environmental issues for sustainable development. The mission of these clubs among others is to empower students and the youth to improve and protect the environment through innovative actions and educational programs that motivate and influence others for sustainable development.

The first phase of the project was implemented in Luweero, Nakasongola, Masaka, Soroti, Katakwi, Masindi, Kabalore and Kamwenge districts. In each district, a secondary and primary school were selected with an enrollment of about 250 pupils targeted for the pilot project. 

IMEAP-Uganda included activities like; training workshops for youth leaders and trainers, massive environmental awareness campaigns, formation of 16 Environmental Clubs in the 16 schools and distribution of Interactive Multimedia for Communication on Environmental and Personal Hygiene. The main topics of the awareness campaign comprised of; Malaria Facts & Tips, Our Climate is changing, Waste Management and Sewage Disposal, Personal Hygiene, Energy & Biodiversity Conservation, Preservation of Forest Resources, Use & Re-Use of Environmental Friendly Products.